3 Steps to Boosted Efficiency in Life

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Let’s all face it. In one way or the other, all of us could be at least marginally more productive - whether it pertains to working out, studying, doing our homework, learning our SAT vocabulary, writing our college application essays and more; rarely do we find within ourselves the motivation or energy to break through the barriers of our own sluggishness to quit slacking and get some work done. But worry no more. Listed below are 3 easy steps all of us can take to make our lives a whole lot easier and productive.   Take breaks. Much like a lot of great things in life, there is a formula to maximised productivity. And that formula is to take short breaks after every 30-45 minutes of studying/working. The break should be just long enough (ideally, no longer than 15 minutes) to refresh you without making you forget all that you have covered right before. One little trinket of advice: since the whole purpose of a break is to help you recuperate, avoid taxing activities like scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, which is never ending. Instead, take a walk or listen to music. And make sure you move away from your study material. Say no to multitasking. In a parallel universe, multitasking would be a characteristic I strongly pride myself in. But the unfortunate fact of the matter is, multitasking can only give you a false sense of accelerated progress on the face of it. What truly comes out from it is a susceptibility to make errors. And like that wasn’t enough, multitasking will also slow you down considerably. The right thing to dowould be switching between multiple tasks at hand (For instance, the SAT reading, writing and math study plans) and paying undivided attention to each task in the time allocated to that task by you.   Don’t deprive your body of sleep. Imagine this: you’re watching a defining episode of your favourite TV show (Game of Thrones for me), but it’s way past your bedtime and you know you shouldn’t be doing this to yourself, considering how much work you have lined up for tomorrow. In a situation quite like that one, and you know you come face to face with it more often than not, it would be unnatural behaviour to simply turn off the TV and watch the episode on repeat timings for most of us. But do I really need to tell you what lack of sleep can do to a person? I’d think not. After all, we are all well acquainted with the perpetually anxious, impatient, hungry and cranky sides of each of us that come out every time we get sleep less than 6 hours a day.   So there it is - Three easy ways to become more productive in your everyday life. Good luck with your prep!

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