Acceptable Calculators at the SAT Exam

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So what’s an acceptable calculator at the SAT Exam? Well, any graphing, scientific or four-function calculator is permitted on the SAT, though the latter is not recommended. For better clarity, you may read the Calculator Primer published by the CollegeBoard.

  What is and isn't allowed for the SAT® on test day Every mathematics question on the SAT can be solved without a calculator. However, using a calculator may be helpful for some questions. Scientific or graphing calculators are recommended. Calculator primer
  • Students should bring a calculator with which they are familiar and comfortable. Their degree of familiarity with the operation of a calculator may affect how well they do on the test.
  • Students should bring extra batteries and, if possible, a backup Calculator. Test center staff do not have batteries or extra calculators.
  • Students are not required to clear the memory on their calculators before testing.
  • Students are not permitted to share their calculators. Students who use their calculators to share or exchange information during the test are dismissed and their scores are canceled.
  • Students using a calculator with a large (characters one inch or more high) or raised display that might be visible to other test-takers are seated at the discretion of the test supervisor.
Read more at the CollegeBoard website!

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