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Today receive counseling anywhere in the world; Online through Skype Interface. Trying to decide "what you want to be when you grow up" is a significant decision. But it's also a confusing one. Most students don't know which path to choose when they come to a cross-road in their lives, or how the path they choose will benefit or impact them.

University Connection's mentoring model lets students and parents sit down with a mentor in a one-on-one session to get a strong understanding of a child's interests and abilities and then create an appropriate road map towards the final destination - college acceptance.

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My son in Class XII was under a lot of pressure between exam preparation and filling all the tedious Indian application forms with sporadic deadlines! As both me I and my husband have full time jobs, we wanted someone who could guide and help us at every step. Our meeting with the key mentor, Mrs. Charushilla Narula put our worries to an end. While my son appeared for his board examinations, the team at University Connection took charge of the application admission process.

They helped Shivin apply to the best colleges in the country. I would recommend every parent to connect with University Connection as they can really help your children make informed career decisions and help them build their own success story

- Mrs. Molina Kapoor(mother of Shivin Kapoor)