How to Be Calculator-Smart in 5 Easy Steps

by Sep 29,2015 Comments : 0

Contrary to popular belief, every question on the SAT can be solved without the help of a calculator. Nonetheless, surveys show that the judicious usage of calculators may very well help students to reach a better score on the same test attempted calculator-less.   This necessitates the following things/steps for every student who wants to speed things up without falling into disorienting calculator frenzies:   Know your machine. Be confident about operating your digital helper’s every functionality AND know its liability. After all, your calculator is only as smart as you are (and not the other way around).   Don’t rush it. Break down and simplify every question before you start working the keys furiously. It never hurts to have a problem-solving plan.     Remember: Mind > Machine. Too much of anything is bad. You must come up with a strategy to use this tool selectively and to your strengths.   All hands on deck. Sometimes, it is wiser to do the calculations by hand, rather than fiddling with your calculator.   Don’t forget your batteries. (Pun intended).   Simple enough? Just keep these 5 tips on the tips of your fingers and watch your digital nightmare turn into a saving grace.

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