SAT: Why Practice Tests?

by Jul 08,2015 Comments : 0

All students at SAT Varsity have to take an SAT diagnostic test before or after enrolment, followed by a series of Practice Tests that become progressively harder until they reach a level that’s par to the level of difficulty of the actual test. Some of you may be thinking, Why should there be practice tests even when the curriculum has just begun and there is a long way to completion? Well actually, that is the whole point, and I would push to say, the beauty of practice tests. It goes without saying that practice tests simulate real test-taking conditions and put pressure on students.. pressure which can motivate in its own wondrous ways. And not only do practice tests, starting from the diagnostic test till Practice Test 10, can motivate students to continue pushing themselves and making more progress with each passing week, but they also help both the student and the trainer to project each student’s progress on a timeline. Therefore, practice tests are a spectacular way of getting organised in assessment, done by self or others. They motivate students to venture out of their comfort zones and into the real-time pressure-soaring situations of the examination centre. After all, even when a student does poorly on his/her test, practice tests are there to open their eyes to the fact that something, somewhere has gone a little wrong and only they can correct it.

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