Test Day Checklist

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With the SATs right around the corner,here’s a definitive list of 4 essentials you’re going to need going headfirst into the test:   1. Your Admission Ticket. Carrying your admission ticket is paramount as without it, you are faceless to the ETS. You can print your admission ticket right after you register for your exam. Make sure to keep at least 3 copies of your admission ticket handy on test day. In case you are unable to register at the test centre of your choice and let the CollegeBoard recommend a test centre for you, wait till you’re assigned a test centre before printing your ticket. 2. Two no. 2 pencils and a soft eraser. Need I say more?   3. Photo Identification.

This, again, is of utmost importance. Acceptable photo ID is a prerequisite for admission to the test centre. As per the CollegeBoard’s guidelines, you may be denied entrance to the centre, or your scores may be withheld from you or cancelled altogether if you fail to present acceptable photo ID.

4. An acceptable calculator.

This is not a must, but highly recommended. For more information, read the article on ‘“Acceptable” Calculators.’

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