When to Take the SAT

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A lot of anxiety and uncertainty revolve around the question of when is the right time to take the SAT. There are two schools of thought that continue to prevail:   1. As a major trend within the United States, parents make their children take the SAT repeatedly starting at an early age. They do so under the impression that their kids are learning early and thus, are automatically bound to perform better with every attempt.   2. Fewer parents encourage their children to take this test later, even though this should be the ideal scenario.   While the College Board expunges scores on tests ta ken before high school, this trend has left an indelible mark on psychol ogy of students who take this test prematurely as they are misled to believe that they ‘stink at this test.’   Getting the Timing Right   The key is not to take the SAT early, but to take it at the opportune time when you inwardly know that you, as the test-taker, will be able to perform in the test optimally. For instance, a test date in the Fall allows students to capitalize on study time available during summer. It is important that you determine your application deadlines, make sure that your assessments (SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, AP) do not overlap and most importantly, manage your school commitments. Management of camps, internships, travel and scholastic distractions has also become a major player in mitigating the SAT jitters.   At SATVARSITY, we encourage students to take the SAT in grade XI. However, during our school interactions we try to highlight the importance of immersing oneself in a culture of learning grammar, critical thinking and problem solving from an early age.   Also, depending on the program of learning in India - IB, Cambridge or the Indian Boards of CBSE and ICSE, each student must plan to schedule their SAT based on how their time-table is structured. There is no point in lining up an SAT in January when you have your pre-boards then. The SAT happens six times a year and there is a date that is just right for you!

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