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At University Connection we believe that career decisions are life decisions, but also understand the dilemma that a student or young professional goes through. Whether it is about selecting the right undergrad degree or masters program, or making an evaluated career move, University Connection guides you at every step and connects you with the right information, every time. The process at University Connection is knowledge-driven and highly personalised with individual dreams & aspirations in focus.

We help our students at four levels

Education Counseling

Login a quick enquiry for an educational counseling session with the key mentor to empower your career choices...
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SAT Training

Preparation itself will give you confidence, a boost that is enough to up your score. The better your score, the better will be your choice of colleges...
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Essay Guidance

Whether an Ivy League college, an MBA program, medical school, or law college, it is the distinction between a good and a great college essay that makes you stand out from sea of applicants abroad...
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College Planning

The journey towards higher education, even for the brightest of students, can be arduous and often ambiguous in objective...
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SAT Trainingat University Connection

Are you prepared for the new SAT® ? We're here for you.

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