Nepotism in outer world

Nepotism a word which has been doing the rounds lately. It is based on favouritism granted to relatives in various fields including, business cinema, sports etc. It is gradually increasing with certain group of people believing it is unfair while on the other hand some people support the idea of nepotism. The different views towards […]

nandini narula

15 year olds tryst with top US universities

Summer schools are an excellent way to orient students towards what to expect at college. They are also a good way to immerse in a certain course in-depth. After a lot of research, I made it to the Columbia University Summer Immersion program with a 100% scholarship. I am in grade X. Around the same […]


Do you like Stories ?

Tony Robbins says that a story is “a fact wrapped in an emotion that compels you to take action.” So if I said that I lost 10 kilos, that’s a fact for you; but if I mentioned how I was able to fit into my old college jeans, your own closet beckons you! For me, […]

Study in USA

Are you feeling Trumped ?

“I think we need a back-up plan. Should we also apply to Canada?” called a worried parent of a class XII student soon after the Executive order from President Trump. She’s applied for universities in the United States only and even has close to a hundred thousand dollars scholarship from one. She’s not alone. Whether you are […]


Smartphones: A Smart Decision?

In today’s world, it is next to impossible to imagine living without a smartphone. Always buzzing to update or it may even irritate us. With advantages and disadvantages of the same, it becomes quite hard to decide one’s stance on it. But after careful consideration of both its pros and cons, I, as a student […]

Summer School Experience

My Summer School Experience in Bournemouth

Did you ever have to write an essay in school about how you spent your summer vacation? Here’s one I’m happy to write ! This summer I got the chance to attend a summer course at the Arts University, Bournemouth! Considering my love for art, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to explore the […]