To My Best Friend Who’s Going Abroad!

Dear Scholar, We’ve both made it through 10 years of our life together, and now, you’re moving closer to your dream! I know, I know- ‘I’ll only be gone for 6 months at a time, and I’ll call you everyday!’, but we both know that won’t be possible when your opening your horizons and soaking […]


What’s a hidden Ivy? (and is it worth it?)

An Ivy League School is no alien term to a candidate aspiring to study abroad- especially one who chooses the United States as their dream destination. To those who’re still unaware about the term, the Ivy League group of universities constitute of eight highly competitive athletic American colleges, with high prestige and bright career prospects. […]


Desi Tips on How to Save Money When Moving to USA

You’re all set to make your mark in the world, to show to your peers and family that you have the ambition and the will to become the next big thing. But to reach that pedestal, you need the right journey. Nothing short of the best university, the best teachers, or the best jobs will […]