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3 Things to Consider Before You Sign Your Housing Contract

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Most universities in the United States and beyond require all incoming freshmen to live on campus for the bare minimum of one year as a university policy. This necessitates proper authorisation of the housing options that are available in your respective university and a great deal of understanding which one is the perfect fit for you. In determining that, 3 critical factors come into play:   1. Affordability: This one is a no-brainer. A lot of universities, especially private universities, can offer exorbitantly expensive housing options as a money-making strategy. Be careful not to fall into traps like this one and let yourself be overcharged for something unduly as all universities offer a myriad housing residence options that come at a fair price, but also with standardised facilities and lifestyle levels.   2. Location: This factor just might be the most important one on this list. The location of an ideal housing residence within the university campus should be centralized, close to dining halls, food joints & other basic facilities, & also not too far away from the halls where you will be attending your classes. 3. Facilities: Different housing residence halls offer different facilities for a wide range of purposes - study-related, recreational or sanitary.It’s also very crucial that you factor in what your preferred room layout is, depending on whether you want to live alone or share with others. While some housing residence halls might offer better facilities, others gravitate towards attractions like being the homes of leadership opportunities, or sometimes even fraternities or learning communities.   So there you have it, folks… The 3 biggies you need to check on your list before you sign your housing contract with your university.

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