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3 Ways to Best Utilize Your Summer

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Whether you may be a high school student looking to enhance your profile to build toward a competitive college application, or a college student looking for ways to appeal to prospective employers and stand out of the clutter, one thing is very clear: to get to a particular outcome, you have to pour in an equivalent amount of effort and should utilize your summer. The selection process, both for the top-notch colleges and high-rolling companies, is cutthroat and to navigate, let alone emerge as a front runner, such slippery grounds takes experience, willingness to experiment with new things and the capacity to go the extra mile, fostered over the years.   All of this brings me to one crucial step I would recommend all aspiring students to take, and that is to utilize your summer in the best way possible. While the final goal may be broad and diverse, the approaches you can resort to for getting from point A to B are both diverse and concrete:  

  1. Utilize Your SummerInternships: As I have discussed in two other articles, internships are the biggest favor a budding professional can do himself/herself in the globally competitive marketplace. Summer internships may be paid/unpaid, and highly reputable or low-level, but the bottom line remains that they do a great deal to establish you as a distinguishable, leader-of-the-pack- category individual.
  2. Summer school: Summer is a great time for college students to get one step ahead in the game by knocking out curriculum requirements during the extravagant free time that’s available to them in the summer vacation. Summer school, in fact, can also potentially help you save a lot of money by enrolling in part-time summer semesters, so don’t ever give yourself a chance to regret not considering your options. Another option, for those of you who are keener on pursuing something that interest-based rather than results-oriented, is getting a certificate in a course that you might have always dreamed of taking up but could never get around to.
  1. Utilize Your SummerGet a job: This possibility will most definitely make your parents very happy as well. Not only does a job count toward your experience, but many jobs out there today just waiting to be grabbed by ambitious young adults also pay generously well. So remember to weigh in on all the opportunities that you can get a hold of, for a future that you’re proud to look at the past from!

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