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To My Best Friend Who’s Going Abroad!

by Feb 18,2019 Comments : 0

Dear Scholar, We’ve both made it through 10 years of our life together, and now, you’re moving closer to your dream and going abroad! I know, I know- ‘I’ll only be gone for 6 months at a time, and I’ll call you every day!’, but we both know that won’t be possible when your opening your horizons and soaking in all the opportunities that await you! I still don’t want to let you go, but I guess, this is how life is going to welcome us into adulthood. You’re growing up! I still remember the first time we met. You were such a goofy nerd, I was sure you were never going to have a cool life- but look at how you proved me wrong, huh? Going there for a research project, you! All those sleepless nights of hard work have paid off, and I want you to know how I am incredibly proud of you for having achieved what you’ve achieved. I had always wished this for you… well for me too, but one of us had to stay behind and look after your parents. Now your part of halwa is also mine. I can’t wait to see you win the other side of the world. Perhaps, I am much more excited than you ever have been about your time abroad. I have already Googled everything about the city you’re living in, where you should live, how long it’s going to take you to reach college, what time your classes are, and when I should call you. All the math for the time zones have been covered, so I know when to Face Time you and annoy you about my mortal problems. Don’t worry, I’ll listen to you too. Oh, and I hope you have signed up for the university language course to help you cope with the native language! I’ve given my aunt your number, just in case you get lost. You can call her anytime, she’ll help you adjust in the foreign country. I know you are going to miss me too, but I don’t want you to spend all your free time playing PUBG, or whatever that game is. Use your time well, and unlike your undergrad, DO ATTEND the Freshers day this time. You are going to meet your fellow students, and make good friends with them. You can also find local socializing groups, and join a couple of them. I hope you get great friends that can help you grow further. I wish the best for you and hope you get everything you want out of the place you’re moving in. Take time out, explore the city well, do things that are special and meet people you would never get to meet had you not been abroad. Take advantage of all your classes, all your opportunities and try your hardest to make the best of them. Just like when you were leaving, I will be crying when you come back- that halwa is mine for life! Your mother and I both are mad at you for leaving us! I need at least 10 gifts, and she is okay with 5. Then you are allowed to enter the house. Trust me when I say this- ‘Nothing is ever going to change between us.’ Thanks for always being there for me. Today, when you’re moving so far, know that I am there for you. Nothing here without you will be the same, but I want the best for you. Have fun, miss me, come soon, and most importantly, be safe. Love, The amigo who’s stuck here!

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