Blogs written by Students

Workshop with University of British Columbia, Canada

“An interesting Q&A Workshop was organised by University Connection with Tanushree Bhattacharya, a representative of University of British Columbia (UBC). The Event was an initiative to give aspiring students and parents a glimpse of life in the prestigious echelons of UBC. It started with an Introductory conclave and was followed by a guiding session with Tanushree […]


Nepotism in outer world

Nepotism a word which has been doing the rounds lately. It is based on favouritism granted to relatives in various fields including, business cinema, sports etc. It is gradually increasing with certain group of people believing it is unfair while on the other hand some people support the idea of nepotism. The different views towards […]

Summer School Experience

My Summer School Experience in Bournemouth

Did you ever have to write an essay in school about how you spent your summer vacation? Here’s one I’m happy to write ! This summer I got the chance to attend a summer course at the Arts University, Bournemouth! Considering my love for art, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to explore the […]


3 Steps to Boosted Efficiency in Life

Let’s all face it. In one way or the other, all of us could be at least marginally more productive – whether it pertains to working out, studying, doing our homework, learning our SAT vocabulary, writing our college application essays and more; rarely do we find within ourselves the motivation or energy to break through […]

Smell You Later, Procrastinator

Are you plagued by a constant battle between study goals and urges to procrastinate? If you are, then you may well join this club. Almost all of us have been through the phase when we are just too uninspired to hit the books, even when the deadline is lurking around the corner. Well, no more. […]