Desi Tips on How to Save Money When Moving to USA

You’re all set to make your mark in the world, to show to your peers and family that you have the ambition and the will to become the next big thing. But to reach that pedestal, you need the right journey. Nothing short of the best university, the best teachers, or the best jobs will […]

Study in USA

Are you feeling Trumped ?

“I think we need a back-up plan. Should we also apply to Canada?” called a worried parent of a class XII student soon after the Executive order from President Trump. She’s applied for universities in the United States only and even has close to a hundred thousand dollars scholarship from one. She’s not alone. Whether you are […]

What to consider when planning to Study Abroad ?

  In recent years, the number of international students going abroad for higher education has been steadily increasing. What do you think could be the reason? Is foreign education better than Indian education system? Or students are just hungry for independence? Lets discuss about what to consider when planning to Study Abroad. Once upon a […]

Why is Career Counseling important ?

The students nowadays, live a very challenging life due to the pressure they have on their heads. The pressure to perform academically, the pressure to choose a career forcibly and the pressure to find a suitable job are all what makes a life of a student not less than a burden. All this can be […]

How to Build an Internship Resume

Internship season is finally here and in the scramble for making sure you meet your college requirements and get some “real world” experience to put on your Internship resume, one of the biggest tasks looming ahead is actually sitting down and creating the resume that will land you the interview. But the question is, if […]


Studying Techniques and Strategies for Students

Getting an 800 on the Math section of the SAT is no herculean task as long as you familiarize yourself with the material well ahead of time and get a good number of hours of practice in. Still, many struggle to achieve this, and often the reason are careless mistakes made in a mad rush to finish […]

Video Application Essay

Set Yourself Apart with a Video Application Essay Video application essays are the burning subject nowadays in the college admissions discourse. There is an increasing trend among numerous colleges, especially Liberal Arts schools, to accept video application essays either a supplement or a replacement for the statement of purpose or application essay required by most […]

Dual Degree Programs

“4+1 Masters Programs” are essentially accelerated degree programs that an increasing number of colleges have begun offering to students. To cut it short, this dual degree program allow students to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in just five years. While admission to these programs after entering college is possible, I would personally […]

Tips for Ivy League Admission

Ivy League admissions are dodgy, as one has no guarantees to be admitted, even when one meets the highest benchmarks for acceptance. One of the most highly reputed Ivy League universities in the US, Stanford, has a remarkably low acceptance rate of around 5.1 per cent, which can create a lot of anxiety in the […]