Desi Tips on How to Save Money When Moving to USA

You’re all set to make your mark in the world, to show to your peers and family that you have the ambition and the will to become the next big thing. But to reach that pedestal, you need the right journey. Nothing short of the best university, the best teachers, or the best jobs will […]


Looking Back @2017 – 100% Admits | Scholarships | School Interface| Career Counseling

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”- Francis of Assisi. University Connection (UC) was always developed to educate, enthuse and empower the student of today – from school-going teens to young adults in college to even mid-career professionals – UC has engaged with the complete spectrum […]


Do you like Stories ?

Tony Robbins says that a story is “a fact wrapped in an emotion that compels you to take action.” So if I said that I lost 10 kilos, that’s a fact for you; but if I mentioned how I was able to fit into my old college jeans, your own closet beckons you! For me, […]

Study in USA

Are you feeling Trumped ?

“I think we need a back-up plan. Should we also apply to Canada?” called a worried parent of a class XII student soon after the Executive order from President Trump. She’s applied for universities in the United States only and even has close to a hundred thousand dollars scholarship from one. She’s not alone. Whether you are […]


Smartphones: A Smart Decision?

In today’s world, it is next to impossible to imagine living without a smartphone. Always buzzing to update or it may even irritate us. With advantages and disadvantages of the same, it becomes quite hard to decide one’s stance on it. But after careful consideration of both its pros and cons, I, as a student […]

How to think Creatively ? Careers depend on Creative Thinking

What do you think defines CREATIVITY ?  Look at the image below & see if these words come in your mind when you think about being CREATIVE. Usually, when people hear of CREATIVITY, they associate it with artistic things like painting, composing music, or writing poetry. Though these are surely creative endeavours, creativity includes a […]

Are You Also Making These Common College Application Mistakes?

The college application process is something almost all people go through at one point in time. So it is very natural to find the most amount of advice pieces circulating on the Internet that revolve exclusively around this subject. However, it is also commonsensical to observe that most of these articles address the issue of […]

Tips for Ivy League Admission

Ivy League admissions are dodgy, as one has no guarantees to be admitted, even when one meets the highest benchmarks for acceptance. One of the most highly reputed Ivy League universities in the US, Stanford, has a remarkably low acceptance rate of around 5.1 per cent, which can create a lot of anxiety in the […]

Are you a Working Parent?

I have been working all my life and logically so, when I become a parent, everyone around me said that now I am a ‘working – parent’. But very early into parenthood, I realized that the phrase was a lie! It was a put together in the reverse! As soon as I decided to bring […]