Desi Tips on How to Save Money When Moving to USA

You’re all set to make your mark in the world, to show to your peers and family that you have the ambition and the will to become the next big thing. But to reach that pedestal, you need the right journey. Nothing short of the best university, the best teachers, or the best jobs will […]

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Self Reality Check for Students

A common complaint among students is that they have plateaued after reaching a certain score on their mock tests, and the only increases in their scores, if there are any, are incremental. A situation like that can be confusing and frustrating, rendering students oblivious to what their next course of action should even be. What […]

Possible pitfalls in Student life

Do you fall in the category of students who have worked conscientiously to improve their scores but instead of an uphill slope, your mock scores sequence has flat lined nonetheless? If you do, then it’s time to change your approach a little to avoid the possible pitfalls in Student life.   The first thing to […]

New SAT and its challenges

The new SAT essay makes the much-anticipated shift from a focus on rote-memorization and on-the-spot recollection to other, more essential skills like text comprehension and analysis. While on the bright side, students now get 50 minutes to write their essays, the task ahead of them is a little more demanding and not necessarily easier – […]

3 Cheat Ways to Study for Your SAT

Reading books is a matter of personal taste. That being said, the amount of reading called for by the SAT might seem like an insurmountable task to some of the test-takers. Thus, it only makes sense to sometimes resort to these shortcut methods of preparing yourself for test day.   1. Sparknotes: This website is […]

Your Own SAT Reading List

We all know and understand how important reading is for the development of our vocabulary, reading and analytical skills, if not many more. However, little do we realize that recreational reading can be very effectively turned into an SAT vocabulary-boosting tool just by squeezing some time out of our joy reading times for a few […]

3 Myths About the SAT Essay Debunked

Among the SAT myths, these are the most common: 1. The essay template is my bible: WRONG. While the SAT has proven its tendency to gravitate towards a rather formulaic way of arriving at solutions, a cookie-cutter approach to your essay doesn’t quite cut it. Different templates are created in the first place only to […]

Knowing Your Grammar

Grammar has always been something that we all take for granted, at one point of time in our lives. The likelihood of this quadruples especially when a subject like Math is also in the running for your attention, time and energy. And why shouldn’t it? Math is terrifying to more people rather than less. The […]

Compartmentalization and What It Can Do

If there was any way to explain time management and compartmentalization without sounding less than remotely preachy, we would have done that. But since we, at SAT Varsity, are committed to our students’ SAT goals, we’re still going to take one flying crack at it. While there may be no secret recipe to success on […]

Why Take the SAT?

Anybody who has slightly touched upon studying abroad is most likely to be familiar with the SAT. Initiation of a US-based organization, the CollegeBoard, this test is not only the most widely accepted standard for colleges within the United States, but is also hugely significant in the eyes of universities all around the globe. Twenty […]

5 Things to Remember When You’re Preparing for the SAT

The SAT can be very confusing at first sight, but the right thing to do is not to panic, get working and crack the code of this apparently impossible test. I was extremely flustered after my first few digs at several diagnostic tests for the SAT, but with the right kind of help, I overcame […]

SAT: Why Practice Tests?

All students at SAT Varsity have to take an SAT diagnostic test before or after enrolment, followed by a series of Practice Tests that become progressively harder until they reach a level that’s par to the level of difficulty of the actual test. Some of you may be thinking, Why should there be practice tests […]

Acceptable Calculators at the SAT Exam

So what’s an acceptable calculator at the SAT Exam? Well, any graphing, scientific or four-function calculator is permitted on the SAT, though the latter is not recommended. For better clarity, you may read the Calculator Primer published by the CollegeBoard.   What is and isn’t allowed for the SAT® on test day Every mathematics question […]

SATVarsity recommends Top 3 SAT Learning Apps

We should all be grateful to be born in this glorious epoch of time for a diverse variety of reasons. The top reason being that it is only in this age and time that we can be learning all the time – and that too on our phone! Do you know that new apps are […]

Winds Of Change – 5 Pointers On The New SAT

I am sure all of you must have read at least one from the multitude of articles about the brand new SAT that have swamped nearly every tabloid, blog and page there exists on the Internet and beyond. But before you wipe your slates clean, here’s a quick glance at what is and isn’t part […]

Guessing on Your SAT

Recent headlines have put forth myriad stories on the new SAT and how it will differ from the current SAT. Some of these stories stipulate that the wrong-answer penalty will no longer apply starting from the Spring 2016 exam. Even now, guessing on the SAT continues to be one of the highly underrated strategies that […]

The Tree Climbing Fish

Note to reader: Do not be mislead by the title. The only tree that you need to climb is the one that takes you closer to a stellar SAT score. In the immortal words of the legendary Albert Einstein, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a […]

When to Take the SAT

A lot of anxiety and uncertainty revolve around the question of when is the right time to take the SAT. There are two schools of thought that continue to prevail:   1. As a major trend within the United States, parents make their children take the SAT repeatedly starting at an early age. They do […]