Compartmentalization and What It Can Do

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If there was any way to explain time management and compartmentalization without sounding less than remotely preachy, we would have done that. But since we, at SAT Varsity, are committed to our students’ SAT goals, we’re still going to take one flying crack at it. While there may be no secret recipe to success on the SAT other than hard-earned knowledge which, we all know, comes only from eternal hours of practice, it isn't impossible to find/develop ways to go from riding in the passenger seat to directly behind the wheel, and making headway at your own pace. In fact, I used to be so sloppy with my study plans that it was a full-blown riot in its own right. I would study as and when I felt like it, and in saying that, the progress I made was naturally quite bleak. All this went on until there was only one month to go. But this was the time when I really turned a corner and got organised. And you guessed it right - I made more progress in that last month than I had in the three or four months that preceded it.
This kind of compartmentalisation is not germane to just your SAT prep, but also comes in greatly handy in everyday pressure situations. So pick up a note book today and create your very own to-do list. Sticking to a schedule is so efficient because there’s nothing not great about it. When you follow a timeline, you can: - streamline your focus on the task at hand, - drown out those annoying, nagging voices inside your head, - be 110% sure you haven’t forgotten anything, - work in strategic time slots distributed evenly across the day and punctuated with breaks, - reassure yourself you have time to finish everything, and - keep your procrastinatory demons locked away.   So when one good habit is already promising you six great outcomes, would it really be a wise move to go down a different road, unknowing of what lies ahead?

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