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Easy Ways to Make Your Study Space Truly Your Own

by May 08,2020 Comments : 0

Let’s be creative this academic year. With INSD’s creativity, let’s give a make-over to our study space! As a student, we know it’s importance. We, after all, spend most of our time in this space (hopefully ;). Why not make it a place of new ways, of experimentation, and perhaps a little playful? To start with, let’s play with themes and colors to make space a subtle yet soothing study room with ethic decor; a place you will want to spend more time in. Maybe adding an organized formal book rack with an appearance suitable to you, makes you feel more comfortable and focused than distracted while studying. It will be a place you can store your entire stationery with easy access for you. Let’s make it your own haven! INSD, South Delhi, guides and prepares you to be creative with your study space. How? Take a short course in Interior Design or Vastu Studies. Be it a separate room or a place in your bedroom, decorate it with light color curtains, realign your sitting space to make it more comfortable, make the area clutter-free and streamline it with a whiteboard or a clipboard. Most importantly, use a space you can be more creative with, for example, near a window or underneath a staircase. What does your study space look like? Do you love it or do you dream of giving it a makeover? Whether you want a quick change or a completely new look, these decorative tips from INSD, South Delhi are easy and stylish & they will produce a gorgeous study-place.

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