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Today receive counseling anywhere in the world; Online through Skype Interface. Trying to decide "what you want to be when you grow up" is a significant decision. But it's also a confusing one. Most students don't know which path to choose when they come to a cross-road in their lives, or how the path they choose will benefit or impact them.

University Connection's mentoring model lets students and parents sit down with a mentor in a one-on-one session to get a strong understanding of a child's interests and abilities and then create an appropriate road map towards the final destination - college acceptance.

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Frequently asked Questions Frequently asked Questions

To schedule a counseling session, you can contact Student Admissions Manager at University Connection.
For students and parents who are not able to come in for a 1:1 session, we also offer Skype and Phone counseling sessions.

There’s not much difference. Online Counseling is a virtual Face-to-face counselling with your Key Mentor wherein, you can get complete guidance about your Career Planning.

The Interest Profiler in our Aptitude Test measures six broad interest types- Realistic, Artistic, Investigative, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. Your scores across these six areas are taken into consideration. Most people have interests that fall into more than one category.

Our team shall be happy to guide you through your further education and career planning process to facilitate systematic and informed decision making.

An Aptitude Analysis is an elaborate explanation of your interest profile. Understood and analysed by experienced psychologists, the analysis helps in identifying the most suitable careers for you. The analysis is based on the interpretation of your assessment and is, therefore meant to be used as a guidance tool.

Take time to discuss your assessment findings with teachers, family, friends and mentors. The analysis drawn in this report is based on single evidence and hence must be ratified with academic performance.

Aptitude tests are important for understanding your interests and making informed career decisions so you can find work that you enjoy. People who are able to find a good match between their interests and their occupations have greater levels of satisfaction, productivity and motivation.

The ideal time to connect with a college counselor is in Class VIII or IX, when you’re just beginning to understand your interests.

You won’t be too late if you meet a counselor in Class X, but try to not to delay beyond that. Meeting a counselor in class XI or XII is fine but can sometimes be tricky.

Students and families typically need to meet an education counselor for the following reasons:

  1. They’re unsure about which education stream to pursue.
  2. They don’t know what career choices they have or are best suited to them.
  3. They don’t know how to pursue the career they want.
  4. They don’t know which universities or colleges offer the best programs for the career they want to pursue.
  5. They don’t know how to develop an outstanding application for their dream college and feel it’s “out of their reach”.

An education counselor’s job is to develop a road map which makes this entire process less overwhelming than it seems to be.

Education Counseling takes place for the student in the presence of parents. At the time of the session, we work towards researching suitable career options for the student, which complements their area of interest and enables them to work towards achieving their future goals.
The session will also focus on answering all the queries and provide unbiased information. The objective of the counseling is to empower students to make informed career choices/decisions.

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UC Reviews

s Saransh Mehrotra

A very enlightening experience, clearing out all doubts about my future and courses. A thorough knowledge right in the first sitting enabled to be onboard that very moment. Looking forward to more sessions and a great path ahead with University Connection.

M Manav Khurana

I came to university connection because I am struggling to find what i want to do and where i want to do it. I loved how the meeting was very frank and i felt like i could open up. I got an idea of what needs to be done to get into a good college. I somewhat knew what i wanted to do but I had no idea what to do about it, but now i have a plan. I look forward for the coming meetings.

s Saumya Mathur

I met the key mentor, Ms. Charushilla, to understand the way ahead with reference to a prospective doctorate program. Loved her energy and the way the session was conducted. Even though it was only the first session, I am walking out with some clarity and confidence that an overseas education may not be as daunting as I had made it out to be in my head. I look forward to the journey ahead.

p Paulina Ch Marak

The experience was great. Maam Charushilla was very analytical and gave a clear picture of what steps I should be taking in order to progress and prosper in my field. The whole staff is so supportive and encouraging. A delightful experience!

n Niharika Rawat

It was a phenomenal experience - I came here with some vague ideas and a more than a few fears, but now I am leaving more committed to my choice because I know there are solid options that I can pursue. The entire organization is extremely dedicated, helpful and professional, and all the information they provided is worth its weight in goal.

s Shaswat Mimani

It was a very informative and enthralling session. After this session, i have a clear path as to what i would like to do and i would love to get my entire College process done from here. I am pretty sure that University Connection would get me into my dream college.

p Paryn Khara

It was very informative and I have a much better understanding about the process of applying to colleges. It gave me a lot of clarity about the different universities that I can apply to and how to make my profile better.

s Srijani Chaudhuri

I had a wonderful experience talking and figuring out a way. UC has been really helpful in deciding what I want to take up for my career. I would recommend it to everyone. Charushila ma'am guides you with all her heart and mind

i ipshita sharma

It was a wonderful experience at University Connection. I really got the right guidance I needed for choosing the right career path and how to about my education further. A friendly and comfortable environment made it all the more better.

a Ananya

It was an amazing experience. I was initially very confused about the course i should opt for my undergrad but i think now I'm on the right path. Thanks to university connection.

k Kunj Gupta

University connection is the ultimate go-to place to decide the best university for you. The way, the mentor, Charushila Narula ma'am explains and clears your doubts is amazing.

d Dhruv Sharma

It was better than i'd expected and i had great expectations based upon the website and the mail i'd received. 100% suggested for anyone who's confused academically or not , can go to be enlightened.

s Sarthak Gulati

My experience was great as ma'am was having a lot of knowledge and understood my problems which I appreciate it ... really worth visiting here !! Good luck university connection for the future !!!

s Surbhi Abrol

It felt great to be able to share my thoughts and doubts. And I feel a bit more clear as to what i have to do now. Questions will definitely come along the way and i think you'll be able to clear my doubts that time around as well. Thank you!

s Shubh sandhu

The session was amazing with Charushilla Ma'am. When I came to UC, I was very confused about which stream to choose and I was more inclined in taking Science but after the session, I felt and understood that Commerce might be my cup of tea. Taking Commerce would be a better decision for me as my aptitude if that of Commerce background.

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