Guessing on Your SAT

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Recent headlines have put forth myriad stories on the new SAT and how it will differ from the current SAT. Some of these stories stipulate that the wrong-answer penalty will no longer apply starting from the Spring 2016 exam.
Even now, guessing on the SAT continues to be one of the highly underrated strategies that can help you achieve your benchmark score. When preparing for the SAT, the right kind of guessing is selective and has much to do with dictating when you should guess, and when you shouldn't. So here's something on the Art of Wise Guessing:   1. As a test taker, you must never hesitate to make educated guesses. Imagine this: you’ve got less than five minutes on a Math section and you’re struggling with the final question. There are two questions that you had flagged and left for later. What would you do? Ideally, you should refocus and jump back to those two questions and see if you can cross off one or more potentially wrong answer choices. If you can do that, my advice is that you blindly go with your gut. As long as you've got it narrowed down, you will be rewarded overall.   2. Always say yes to the grid-ins. As a rule of thumb, you MUST attempt every grid-in question found on one of the Math sections of the SAT. Why is that? Simply because there are no penalties on questions of this type. So if you really must take those shots in the dark, this is the part in which you can let loose and NOT be scored negatively for an misfires. 3. Every time you run into a mathematical high-wall, ask yourself a simple question: Are the numbers in my favour? Guessing is quite frankly, fruitless until you manage to efficiently eliminate at least three wrong answer choices and do so beyond a shadow of a doubt. The more the numbers are on your side, the greater will be your reward for each guess made.   So next time someone asks you to avoid guessing on the SAT exam, make sure you debunk that myth for him or her.  

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