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Here’s a few countries that can give USA a run for its money

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Education and life around the world for Indians has changed tremendously in the past decade. Where the top destinations to study and settle were limited to United States, United Kingdom and Australia, the socio-political factors have changed the game now. With increasing opportunities in new countries and stricter government policies for immigrants in US, UK and Australia, Indian students are exploring other alternatives to start their lives in.

While choosing a country to settle in, a person looks at a number of factors- Opportunities for personal growth, overall environment, government policies and so on. Here are a few countries that can easily compete and beat the USA by far-

United States

Let us begin with why /why not USA. Despite Trump’s increasingly strict policies for immigrants, the United States tends to be the top preference for Indians to settle in. Main reason for the same is quality of education in the US, and the number of colleges that offer it. Due to a wide field of study offered by these universities, the scope of career or path in life is also broadened for a student, who then prefers to stay in the same country.


Canada has emerged as the top preference to settle for Indians in the past decade. It has also emerged as one of the top destinations to study with over 100,000 students studying in Canada in 2017.  Canada is a preferred choice for settling for a variety of reasons like free healthcare, free primary public education for children, low corruption, low crime rates, special facilities for the elderly and disabled and a high standard of life.


Standing second in the World Happiness Index, 2018, Norway has become a preferred choice for Indians to stay in. The country attracts people who love to stay outdoors and close to the nature with its picturesque landscapes. With one of the longest life expectancies in the world, Norway offers free healthcare its citizens. Norwegian education is also one of the best in the world, and is free, attracting a large number of international students. Further, work life is fun here with just 37.5 hours working week, a minimum of 25 paid holidays a year and 12 weeks of paid leaves even to the father in the first three years of a new-born’s arrival.

New Zealand

The land of entrepreneurs, New Zealand boasts of strong open-market policies encouraging a dynamic flow of investment in all fields. Transparent trade regulations and an encouragement for entrepreneurial activity makes it a great place to settle down for the young entrepreneurs. A study by Canada’s Fraser Institute also found New Zealand to be topping the list in personal freedom in the world.


Germany was ranked at number 1 by U.S. News, WPP’s BAV Consulting and the Wharton School in the overall best countries in the world in 2016. This was mainly because of the country’s economy, innovation and a magnificent culture. The government policies are immigrant friendly inviting immigrants who constitute 10% of Germany’s population. Education in Germany is free, and Germany holds the most powerful passport in the world.

Bonus for students- Germany has the best beer in the world. Its ‘Beer fest’, a.k.a. ‘The Oktober Fest’ is well known throughout the world for being one of the best parties.

A few other countries that Indians tend to migrate to include Australia, Argentina, Italy, Spain, France, and the United Arab Emirates. All these countries may have a little immigration or lingual challenges, but all in all, life is worth being explored in all these countries.

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