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Things You Didn’t Know About Career Counselling

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Career Counsellors and Career Counselling is a funny thing- they can make or break your life. They say that 'one bad decision' can lead to the uninhibited downfall of your career. Why live on fear? Why should we consult a career counsellor just because not doing so can destroy our lives'? Listen, kid. Career decisions are life decisions- but that doesn’t mean that if you take a wrong decision your academic streak is spoilt forever? It's a road bump. We learn, and we move on. The least we can do is take educated decisions to make sure we don’t waste that little bit of time when making decisions about our career and education. So here are a few reasons you should try to hire an education counsellor- reasons, that no education counsellor ever told you.

  • The Perfect Time
There is a common notion that Career Counselling or education counselling is best suited for students right out of high school or college. However, there is no perfect time for meeting with an education counsellor. If there is any point in life that you wish to grow in your job, or learn a new skill for your business, or even if you wish to change your profile, and education counsellor can be your way out.
  • Expert Resources
Internet is full of information, and a lot of people assume that they can get information directly through blogs, education fairs and university websites. However, education counsellors are well equipped with changing trends, and preferred profiles of each university to apply in. If you have to test if an education counsellor is well suited for you, visit them for a session and discuss the university and your profile with them.
  • It Is Not Short-Termed
Education counselling is not instantaneous. Sure, the first session can give you an idea of which universities you should apply to but based on an improvement in your scores and your profile, you could apply to better universities. No good education counsellor would rush you into applying to any university, rather, the first work on improving your profile, so you get the best that you can.
  • It Does Not Run On Hit and Trial
Based on the class profiles every year, competent education counsellors study which universities you have the best chance to get in. Unless you are really close to the existing average class profile, or you have a chance of getting there, counsellors wouldn’t recommend you to try it.

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