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Little Skills With Big Results

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Design Jewelry that tells a Story Explore Your Passion this Summer

  I have been in love with making jewelry since I was ten years old when my aunt got me a jewelry-making kit from the US. I remember making a bracelet for my mother and just experimenting with ideas to create more pieces. It took me some years to understand how personal a jewelry item is and why it​ should reflect a person’s whole style statement. I was bitten by a bug of sorts and I started looking for a credible jewelry designing course. As a teenager, getting the right guidance at the right time can not only help you learn little skills, it can make a big difference in your life and then your career. I called my friend; her mom is an Interior designer and she directed me to the International School of Design South Delhi. INSD South Delhi not only had everything I wanted to learn but also had an online intensive program that connected me to my celebrity mentor teacher. I can easily say that apart from honing my skills, INSD is furthering my understanding of jewelry, of how it represents emotion and is significant in a person’s life - an engagement ring or the entire heirloom - when a piece of such sentimental value is custom made, it becomes a representation of the person, their personality, and their story above all. It takes years to perfect the skills to create a perfect piece of jewelry. Creating a custom piece allows the customer to work alongside a skilled Jeweler directly and help their vision find expression. Everyone wants something different, something that no one else owns​. We all like to think of ourselves as unique. I want to be unique too, and #INSDSouthDelhi is helping me get there.

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