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On Organizational Skills

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There is a growing emphasis, alongside hard study skills, on the relevance and significance of developing soft skills in a time when the college application volume of most of the top prestigious schools is rising exponentially every year. Examiners aren’t just looking for students who have breezed through high school, but individuals who they can know for sure will do more than just survive in college – they want only the students who are academically focused, BUT in a holistic way.   So what are these “soft skills?” They are essentially any of the variety of skills that improve the way individuals approach their work, their interactions with things and people and the challenges that may be thrown at them. The most foundational of these skills are organizational skills. Without these, many other of the soft skills become unfeasible.   “Everybody needs a little organization to get things done efficiently and in a timely fashion”, said Rachel Downey, a Public Relations major in her junior year at Purdue University. Organizational skills are necessary to achieve consistency of effectiveness in different ‘compartments’ of your life. “I have followed my planner religiously ever since sophomore year”, Rachel continued, “and things have played out perfectly.” Daily Organizer Learning to stay organized becomes of pivotal importance, especially in the college years which are no less than a preparatory launch-pad for all the students who want to make the best of it. The winning candidates, after all, are the ones who go the extra mile to capture the attention of their prospective employers.

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