Our Connections

We reiterate that in this commercial jungle of education conglomerates, University Connection is the home bolster – a family of excellence oriented 'Connects' that has been established to empower you and your career choices. These 'Connects' form an important component in your chain of steps leading to the university of your ambition.

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While, all 'Connects' are highly accomplished students or alums of prestigious colleges and universities, they have one thing in common: they share and appreciate the vision and ethos of University Connection. The vision of making international, world-class education a reality for all those who never thought it was possible! We are privileged to have Connects across the world. This list is indicative of some of our valued Connects.


Charushilla Narula

I studied at the Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) at the University of Delhi and graduated in the year 1999. As a personal testimonial, I can easily say that I spent the most enriching three years of my life at LSR. Yes, we really loved going to college; not just for the friendship and fun and the liberation and the exhilaration and the energy of that time but also for the challenge, the stimulation, the intellectual deliberation and the amazing classes under the gazebo! Read more…

Charushilla is the founder | Key Student Mentor

Suman Manuja

Ms. Suman Manuja is a behavioural coach and started it with a name Egnahc Initiative. She is energetic, ethical, passionate, transparent, high on values and EQ professional. She has 28 years of rich experience in multi- faceted profiles and diversified roles with large teams to be trained, counselled and mentored. She is MBA finance and Post graduate in Counseling. She is striving to be a key contributor to inspire people to be happy and to continuously contribute towards community & human cause. She is keen on spreading awareness on immensely important topic – Mental Health and love helping people to navigate the complexities of life. She is Volunteer at Sanjivini, an NGO into Mental health. She does workshops with group of known and random people and conduct individual sessions on bringing in behavioural changes. The mantra being – Behaviour is an outcome, know your input. Behaviour and career are like married couple, if compatible its better and sustainable.  Suman has come together to offer a platform to people to choose to be happy.

Suman Manuja is a Connect.

Jyoti Ganapathi

Jyoti did her BA in Economics & Psychology from Knox College, US and a Masters in HR from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She returned to India to work in the family business. Riding the entrepreneurial wave, along with her husband, she started Dosa Inc- a South Indian food truck in 2012, fulfilling a dream that they always had. She is an intermittent writer and is currently absolutely loving NPR podcasts!

Jyoti Ganapathi is a Connect.

Arun Abraham Singh

Arun is currently a fourth-year undergraduate in Political Science at the University of Chicago. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Arun is actively involved in Model United Nations on the UChicago campus. Arun is the Secretary-General for the collegiate conference, ChoMUN, and actively participates in both the high school conference, MUNUC, and competes with the traveling team. Travel has been a crucial part of his life and visiting over 30 countries spurred his passion for international politics. While previously he used to row and sail competitively, he now makes time for squash as his sport of choice.  

Arun Abraham Singh is a Connect.

Vipul Bhargava

Vipul is a whiz business strategist who studied at the London Business School. Originally from New Delhi, India, he has travelled far and wide exploring his corporate and academic pursuits. Presently, Vipul spearheads Finance & Strategy as the Global Vice President at EF Englishtown, London. A professionally motivated and active sportsman at heart, he continues to make time for golf.  

Vipul Bhargava is a Connect.

Jigyasa Taneja Sethi

Jigyasa studied at the California Institute of Arts (CalArts), USA and LSR, University of Delhi. As a dynamic film producer, screenplay writer and director with credits both in India & abroad, she now heads her own enterprise, JAM Productions and Writers Bridge as the Founder Director.  

Jigyasa Taneja Sethi is a Connect.

Sarvesh Bagla

Sarvesh is an entrepreneur who studied at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University. Among the country’s top SEO & Internet marketing consultants, his organization, Techmagnate dominates the digital media space. A determined professional and academic at heart, Sarvesh believes in leading by example and encouraging team collaborations.  

Sarvesh Bagla is a Connect.

Aashima Dogra

Aashima Dogra is a science communicator based in Bangalore. After a few long years in the lab, she realised she doesn’t want to do science but talk about it. She spent a year at University of Warwick pursuing MSc in Scientific Research and Communication. She then moved to London and worked as a science journalist with a newspaper. Her interests in astronomy led her to a stint with a Dutch organization – Mars One, where she worked on a unique project aiming to put the first human colony on Mars. She now edits a children’s science magazine called Brainwave.

Aashima Dogra is a Connect.

Piyush Juneja

Piyush Juneja is a freshman at Purdue University. He is a proud Boilermaker, and a double major in Mass Communication and Professional Writing. He has worked with University Connection as an SAT trainer, and now writes the online blog for our webpage. He is a big lover of Literature and his involvement in film festivals has sparked an interest in him to be a travel artist and writer.

Piyush Juneja is a Connect.