Power of Review

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There is constant debate raging over which of the two should be entitled to more time in a perfect study plan - the actual studying or the periodic reviewing of all the studying done.   And there is only one thing I keep thinking of constantly whenever I am asked for my take on it. How would learning a piece of information help you if you don’t know that that piece of information is correct and absolutely error-free?   Why do we revisit almost everything we know right before an important exam? Why does it then become so important to look at all the mistakes you have made previously on subjects you are expected to know from the word go?   The answer to these questions is common, and a lot simpler than one would anticipate. Reviewing not only does a brilliant job of reinforcing big threads of information that could otherwise be lost due to the sheer bulkiness of all of it, but also highlights areas where you have gone wrong before and serves as that necessary reminder not to make the same mistakes all over again. Thus, it becomes almost pivotally important to review as you go, and as part of your SAT study plan.   We, at SAT Varsity and University Connection, encourage our students to have all material reviewed, all errors rectified, and all critical techniques reapplied time and time again. More importantly, reviews become most effective when they integrate two sources - external and internal. In other terms, self-analysis holds as much relevance today as your teachers’ remarks.   So review, review, review! Test yourself on different study areas before moving on into uncharted territory. And always remember what you’ve been told ever since you were a little kid - practice makes perfect.

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