SATVarsity recommends Top 3 SAT Learning Apps

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We should all be grateful to be born in this glorious epoch of time for a diverse variety of reasons. The top reason being that it is only in this age and time that we can be learning all the time – and that too on our phone! Do you know that new apps are launched everyday and most of them are Free of cost! We, at SATVarsity and University Connection recommend 3 such apps that promise to be of incredible help in going that extra mile with your SAT prep:   1. SAT Up - This app, available to all iOS users, makes the study experience a whole lot of fun by incorporating elements directly from social media. It rewards its users achievement with badges for every bunch of questions answered correctly. It also allows for a great deal of personalization and does true justice to the spirit of competition with its active leaderboards. You can even expect this app to set daily reminders for you, and take you one step closer to your SAT goals.   2. SATLadder - This app, also available to all users of Apple products, can test students on all three elements of the SAT - reading, writing and math. This app may spark your interest with its feature of head-to-head competitions with strangers or your friends. It can also store answers for later review, and allow students to earn points so as to unlock explanations to those answers that they got wrong. All in all, an excellent choice for those who have mean competitive streaks.   3. GRE Vocabulary Builder - Although this app is intended for students preparing for the GRE, it can be a great way of memorizing complex words in a fun and convenient way. It’s vast array of words is classified into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Words, within which there are more stages that get progressively harder and lengthier. This one (available to both iOS and Android users) is highly recommended for all those who are afraid of big words and have problems particularly with the SAT Vocabulary.   Well, do I hear some of you still cringing for a paper book of SAT vocabulary? Well, the SATVarsity vocabulary builder should do it. Next time you visit, ask for a free copy. ☺

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