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If you've recently heard that the SAT® has been completely redesigned beginning with the student cohort of 2017, you've heard absolutely right.

It's time to shift gears slightly with SAT preparation because the test format is going to be quite different from what we've all become accustomed to.

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The SAT® is a required test for all students wanting to apply to American universities. The SAT® will measure your skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics to see how ready you are for the American curriculum.


Subject Number of Sections Number of Questions Scoring Scale
Math 2 sections (22 minutes 55 minutes) 58 questions 200-800
Reading* 1 section (65 minutes) 1 section (35 minutes) Optional 52 questions 200-800*Reading & Writing will have one combined score
Writing* 1 section (35 minutes) Optional 44 questions
Essay 1 section (35 minutes) Optional Optional 2-8 points


Therefore, the entire SAT® score now ranges from 400-1600.

New SAT®

Old SAT®

The essay is optional The essay was mandatory
No negative marking for wrong answers You could lose ½ a point for every wrong answer
New scoring is on a scale of 1600 Old scoring was on a scale of 2400
Fewer questions and more time per question More questions with not enough time to complete complex questions

Before you start studying for the SAT®, we want you to think about some of these questions:

  • Do I know how to support my argument?
  • Do I know how to interpret graphics and data to develop an argument?
  • Can I identify weak areas and show how to improve them?
  • Do I have enough confidence in my math skills to solve problems and analyse data?


If you need help in confidently answering any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

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SATVarsity and University Connection are ready to help you succeed.

There’s no lack of SAT® prep classes out there. However, what SATVarsity offers is extremely different from what students have come to expect from training institutes.

Our students succeed and pass the SAT® with flying colours because of 5 main reasons.

We offer:

  • A learning oriented approach to SAT Training
  • Extra sample-test practice sessions
  • One-on-one counselling sessions
  • Specialised curriculum taught by experienced instructors
  • Small batch sizes for personalised attention; we know the names of all our students!

As far as the SAT® is concerned, there’s no such thing as enough practice! Strong preparation and a great attitude geared towards success will place you in the highest percentiles of the acceptance range.

Just so you know, Ivy League universities usually have a 10% acceptance rate. In other words, for every 30,000 applications received, only 3,000 are accepted. And you need to be on top of that list!

Mohak Anand

"Under the resourceful guidance I received at University Connection, I could head one step closer to my aspired goals. It is essential to have a sound support system and a guiding force for these crucial foundation years. I feel privileged to have found both a mentor and a friend in Charushilla Ma’am."

- Mohak Anand

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