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Like other assessments in the SAT Suite of Assessments, the SAT includes a

Reading Test

Reading Test

Writing & Language Test

Writing & Language Test

Math Test

Math Test

The SAT has an optional essay component, which some colleges will require.

SAT questions focus on skills that matter most for college readiness and success, according to the latest research.

It's scored on a total score of 1600.

Verbal Sat

Verbal Sat

Many questions on the new SAT focus on important, widely used words and phrases found in texts in many different subjects. Some questions ask you to figure out a word's meaning based on context.

The words are ones that you will probably encounter in college or in the workplace long after test day.

Command of Evidence

Command of Evidence

The Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section and the SAT Essay ask you to interpret, synthesize, and use evidence found in a wide range of sources. These sources include informational graphics, such as tables, charts, and graphs, as well as multi-paragraph passages in the areas of literature and literary non-fiction, the humanities, science, history and social studies, and on topics about work and career.

For every passage or pair of passages you'll see during the Reading Test, at least one question will ask you to identify which part of the text best supports the answer to the previous question. In other instances, you'll be asked to find the best answer to a question by pulling together information conveyed in words and graphics.

Essay Analysing a Source

Essay Analysing a Source

The SAT Essay tests command of evidence. After reading a passage, you'll be asked to determine how the author builds an argument to persuade an audience through the use of evidence, reasoning, and/or stylistic and persuasive devices. Scorers look for cogent, clear analysis supported by critical reasoning and evidence drawn from the text provided.

The new Essay is designed to support high school students and teachers as they cultivate close reading, careful analysis, and clear writing. It will promote the practice of reading a wide variety of arguments and analyzing how authors do their work as writers.


In short, the SAT Essay is an amalgamation of reading & writing strategies.

Quant SAT

Quant SAT

The Math Test focuses in-depth on three essential areas of math :

  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis
  • Heart of Algebra and Passport to Advanced Math

Class Structure

Class StructureScore Level

The coaching program starts with a student's taking a Diagnostic score/Mock test in order to assess his/her accuracy and comfort level on the type of questions and his exact score from where we assess his/her competencies of taking the examination and from where we can start coaching him/her in order to obtain a high score.

SAT Testimonials

T Tejashwini

"Before attending Nitin sir's classes, a I had a long-standing apprehension against SAT coaching. What would such centres provide that cannot be gauged from textbooks and online resources? How can I truly improve my accuracy without a reliance on strategies that encourage guesswork? From the moment we delved into our first class, I realised there could truly be a few noteworthy exceptions to my fundamental perception. I was exposed to a seamlessly methodical approach to the various English components that left the realm of subjectivity redundant. I came to the conclusion that the Reading and Writing components were indeed, objective and there were appropriate strategies to easily arrive at the correct answer. Alongside this paradigm shift in approach, I was embraced by his encouragement and support throughout my journey until test day. I recommend any aspiring student seeking to crack the SAT with complete accuracy to attend his classes, and gain a welcoming and revolutionary change in perspective towards standardized tests. "

M Manav Gagvani

"I have been attending Nitin Sir's SAT coaching classes since February. Prior to this, I had been going to Princeton Review. It was a really terrible decision to join Princeton as they provided wrong and outdated strategies for English as well as for Maths. They never held one on one doubts sessions as Nitin Sir does. He has been a great mentor for me and has given me the confidence to ace the English section. I have found his strategies for the Reading and Writing sections to be quite helpful and they have significantly boosted my scores. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for SAT coaching to join his classes."

K Kaustabh

"I joined Nitin Sir's coaching in order to improve my SAT scores. Through careful guidance and training me to take an analytical approach to solving questions, Sir has helped me increase my scores drastically in less than a month. Nitin Sir's teaching methods and effectiveness in terms of providing students with the necessary skills to crack tests is unparalleled in comparison to any other tutors I have encountered."

S Shubham Mahajan

"Bhawna Maam has helped me increase my score so much. At first, when I joined I was clueless of so many concepts that were supposed to be covered in SAT, however, were not present in school syllabus. Bhawna Ma'am helped me understand every single concept and with her support and efforts I was able to get an SAT Math score in 700's and get into my dream university."

A Ahana

"To learn Maths with a smile, to enjoy maths, and fall in love with the subject , one doesn't need to venture any further than Bhavna Ma'am. She's just so understanding and the very warm environment she creates at her class are something that I always look forward to. She instills confidence in her students by putting then in a positive frame of mind. Teachers like her are rare - the amount of personal interest she takes in every student is something that every student of hers will cherish for life. I certainly will cherish being mentored by her."

N Navya Singhal

"Bhavna ma'am is a very patient, loving and knowledgeable person. My experience with her was interesting and amazing. She made maths seem to be easy. She motivated me to work hard and do well always. I can't thank her enough for all the help she had given me. With her help I was able to to improve my performance. The entire journey of my SAT preparation was a very exciting one."

p Paryn Khara

It was very informative and I have a much better understanding about the process of applying to colleges. It gave me a lot of clarity about the different universities that I can apply to and how to make my profile better.

s Srijani Chaudhuri

I had a wonderful experience talking and figuring out a way. UC has been really helpful in deciding what I want to take up for my career. I would recommend it to everyone. Charushila ma'am guides you with all her heart and mind

i ipshita sharma

It was a wonderful experience at University Connection. I really got the right guidance I needed for choosing the right career path and how to about my education further. A friendly and comfortable environment made it all the more better.

a Ananya

It was an amazing experience. I was initially very confused about the course i should opt for my undergrad but i think now I'm on the right path. Thanks to university connection.

k Kunj Gupta

University connection is the ultimate go-to place to decide the best university for you. The way, the mentor, Charushila Narula ma'am explains and clears your doubts is amazing.

d Dhruv Sharma

It was better than i'd expected and i had great expectations based upon the website and the mail i'd received. 100% suggested for anyone who's confused academically or not , can go to be enlightened.

s Sarthak Gulati

My experience was great as ma'am was having a lot of knowledge and understood my problems which I appreciate it ... really worth visiting here !! Good luck university connection for the future !!!

s Surbhi Abrol

It felt great to be able to share my thoughts and doubts. And I feel a bit more clear as to what i have to do now. Questions will definitely come along the way and i think you'll be able to clear my doubts that time around as well. Thank you!

s Shubh sandhu

The session was amazing with Charushilla Ma'am. When I came to UC, I was very confused about which stream to choose and I was more inclined in taking Science but after the session, I felt and understood that Commerce might be my cup of tea. Taking Commerce would be a better decision for me as my aptitude if that of Commerce background.

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