School Interface

School Empanelment with University Connection

University Connection strongly believes that if preparation for higher education and learning begins early, the student becomes completely in control of their path.

The role of schools and teachers in this regard is critical. However, given the daily commitment to curriculum and pedagogy, schools often find it challenging to stay focused on career development and higher education assistance for each student.

Keeping a school teacher and administrator's challenges in mind, University Connection has developed the EVEREST Programme.


Careers: A Journey for Life' a session by Charushilla Narula "A deep impact on the students who are on the verge of stepping out in the world, and are little confused, nervous and not too sure of what to expect or pursue. She spoke very effectively on the need to work towards a dream, and categorized the various options well. The students have come to tell me that they will remember the points shared!"

- Ms. Pratima Goel
Sr. Counselor, Mater Dei Convent School, New Delhi

University Connection offers two value options to schools:
Schools can conduct independent sessions or Schools can focus on Active Empanelment

Both options have been designed to a strengthened focus on education and careers.

Conduct Independent Sessions

  • Breaking Barriers: Exploring the limitless boundaries of Higher Education
  • Applying - Studying Abroad
  • Aiming for the Best Universities
  • What to Say in a Personal Statement / College Essay (and what not to)
  • Recommendation Letters - the best foot forward!
  • Planning for Undergraduate Scholarships ...and many more.
These sessions are oriented towards helping senior students (in classes IX, X, XI and XII) aim for greater heights and expand their horizon. The structure will be more like a workshop and therefore sessions that last for an hour are ideal. Please contact us at for more details and the complete profile of the key presenter.

Active Empanelment

This is a promise to provide unbiased facilitation to students on:

  • Career options after Class XII
  • Personality enhancement and communication techniques that can help you in the future
  • How to apply to USA, UK, Singapore and other key education destinations
  • Helping students shortlist course options, select universities and facilitate applications.
  • Helping students shortlist course options, select universities and facilitate applications.
This would usually include periodic sessions with parents and students. These will be dedicated days in a month when students may seek one-on-one counseling.

EVEREST is the Student Success Mentorship Programme at University Connection. It focuses on building success stories for schools through active empanelment and close mentorship of students through an exhaustive schedule of engagement and counseling.

The EVEREST Programme aims to:

  • Build an excellence-oriented institutional brand for the school,
  • Empower students, parents and teachers to make the right career / life choices and
  • Work with schools to stay ahead of the competition at all times
At University Connection, we pride ourselves in being able to provide complete end-to-end education services and both Indian and international application facilitation to students, parents and schools across the country and beyond

The EVEREST Programme can be viewed as a hand-holding exercise for close to four years beginning from class IX through XII.

The financial implications depend on the point of entry (Class IX, X, XI or XII) and the number of students. Please get in touch with us.
We cover a wide range of sessions within this schedule starting from conducting an Aptitude Test, providing Career development and Mentorship to students, help student prepare Career Files, Portfolio Strengthening Activities and much more.

EVEREST focuses on building success stories for your school and the entire schedule takes place at your school within the school working hours.

Yes, we have collaborated with schools like GD Goenka which aim at providing an all round development to their students.

When implemented, Everest works effectively and efficiently for a large number of students. We would need atleast a minimum of 50 students from each class to register for the program.

We have a dedicated team of experienced young professionals from the education field who will conduct these sessions at your school. To know more about them.

No. However, we will give some student friendly activities to the students which can be done either in groups along with their friends or individually with the help of their parents. However, they won’t be scored. Activities will be given to students in order to help them develop Communication, Critical Thinking & Research skills. This won’t be a part of CCE.

As discussed, EVEREST is a hand-holding exercise over a period of 1 to 4 years for school students (IX,X, XI, XII). It is structured in a systematic manner and cannot be implemented just for one class. In order to make it work effectively and for students to benefit the most, we would ideally need either Class IX and X or Class XI and XII

No. We also help students with the Indian University Application facilitation process. In the past, we have helped students apply to the best universities in the country like Ashoka University, Manipal University, Symbiosis, IIM Indore, GD Goenka University, OP Jindal University and many more.

No, we don’t prepare students for entrance examinations. But we will surely guide them to get their training on preparing for entrances at the right educational institute.

No, we don’t have tie-ups with any university, whether in India or abroad.

Yes, we do. Please click on the button below to get in touch with us and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

  • Session on Careers – A Journey For Life with over 100 students and parents

  • Celebrating International Literacy Day at Mater Dei School

  • Session on Stream selection and importance of Careers at Billabong High International School, kanpur

  • Career counseling session and insight on Cyber security at Army Public School, Mhow

  • Principals and counselors conclave – GAPS and MAPS, Chandigarh

  • Writing enhancement program at GD Goenka Public School

  • Career fair at Welhams Boys School, Dehradun

  • Subject streaming and career counseling at Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan

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