Strategies for New SAT

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As the redesigned SAT makes its first appearance in May, the significance of guessing on the test has been amplified greatly and new strategies are to be followed for the New SAT. This means that along with the new test, there is a need for test-takers to update their strategies from the ones that have been discussed in a previously published article.   But before you dive head-first into the new strategies, it is first imperative to understand what guessing on the changed SAT truly means.   With the wrong-answer penalty gone, it only makes perfect sense for all test-takers to attempt all questions. But attempting questions that you don’t have the slightest inkling of strategically requires a crystal-clear understanding of how you can narrow down your options – thus, increasing the odds of getting the answer right automatically.   While guessing may be seen by many as a way of surrender, savvy guessing involves a lot more than taking just a random guess. In fact, most SAT questions are designed in a way that allows for the students to round up their answer choices to two or three, giving them a solid chance of making a correct, educated guess.   So even when you’re unable to arrive at a definitively correct answer, you must, as a smart and savvy test-taker, at least knock out a few of the definitively incorrect options. This strategy becomes even more exploitable on the new SAT, as the students can up their odds of boosting their scores as long as they refrain from taking random shots.

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