Students Speak


Accepted at Flinders University for B.Sc. Economics

Rahul Sarkar

Indian School of Business & Finance
Counseling Session 2016 - 17

Accepted at University of Manchester, Cardiff University, University of Warwick and Durham University in the UK for B.A. Psychology.

Extremely friendly and helpful environment! Each and every member of the UC team guides and most importantly cares about you! Lovely experience! ❤️

Himangi Bhawsingka

Amity International School, Saket
CAAS Student at University Connection 2016 -17

Accepted at University of St. Andrews, Kings College London, University of Westminster, University of Warwick and School of Oriental & African Studies in the UK and Leiden University, Netherlands for International Relations.

After visiting several counselors before, University Connection counselors were the only ones that seemed to care about my choices and my opinion. They provided me with more than just information you can find online, they gave my an insight and allowed me to make my application my own.

Madhur Dhupar

Lotus Valley International School, Gurgaon
CAAS Student at University Connection 2017-18

Accepted at Northeastern University, UMass-Amherst (received Chancellor's Award $56,000), Indiana University-Bloomington, Drexel University, and Emory University in USA and University of Bath, Kings College London, Durham University, Warwick University, London School of Economics in the UK for Business Management.

I was in a lot of stress when I came to Charushilla Ma'am at University Connection and the counselors designed a plan for me in a well structured manner which not just helped me to fight out stress but it also helped me to balance everything in a very streamlined way. This really helped me to perform well. Watch Full interview with Nikunj -

Nikunj Aggarwal

Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan
CAAS Student at University Connection 2016-17

Approaching university connection for counseling and guidance for our daughter’s college admission has been an excellent decision. The guidance received has been very helpful in shortlisting the colleges and courses that we applied to. This is especially relevant because our daughter wished to study design, which is not the mainstream bachelor’s degree, and we were confused and lost about the colleges and courses to apply to. The courteous and professional service we received from each member of the university connection team gets full marks from us.

Sangeeta Singh (Parent)

Counseling Session 2017-18

Very enlightening and useful talk. Hope to carry forward our association.

Smiti Kumar (Parent)

Counseling Session 2017-18

The first session was a great experience and we came to know about a lot of new things. Charu ma'am was very interactive and we had a positive session.

Vrinda Yaksh (Parent)

Amity International School, Saket

Accepted at New York University - USA , University of Warwick- UK, Kings College London - UK, St Andrews - Scotland, for Business and Finance.

I would like to inform you with extreme pleasure that I made it to New York University. I can say that this journey would not have been possible without you. I once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for whatever you did in guiding and mentoring me in writing one of the finest masterpieces which enabled me to get through all the top colleges of the UK, NYU, Tulane and others. I hope you would carry on this noble path of guiding students.  

Shreya Dua

Pathways School, Aravali Retreat, Gurgaon
Essay Guidance Service at University Connection

Accepted at Parsons School of Design, New York, USA

I am really excited about getting into my dream college and I wanted to thank you so much for blindly believing in me and all the motivation you gave me from time to time, that really helped me and of course all your hard work . Thank you so much for your guidance. We first got in touch with Charu Sheela ma'am who planned out an entire milestone map for me, discussed how to overcome whatever obstacles I was facing at that time period within the first meeting and was now there for me at every step of my journey. From that day there was new zest and sense of purpose in me. I felt as if I could blindly trust University connections with the whole college admissions process which was so crucial to me. I was then made to get in touch with my mentor Mamta Bhutani ma'am. She has been more worried and focused about my college applications than I have been myself. There hasn't been a single day where she got impatient with me, she's only been a constant source of motivation for me who pushed me till the end to give my best. I'm now done with all my college applications but the credit really goes to Charu ma'am and Mamta ma'am who have been such a great system of support, guidance and motivation for me. I would definitely recommend University connections to every student out there, it's the best decision I've ever made. :)

Sehej Dassan

Suncity World School, Gurgaon
CAAS Student at University Connection, 2016-17

Accepted at Loughborough University, University of Nottingham, Coventry University, Cardiff University, University of Essex, UK.

Ms. Charushilla Narula is the best thing that happened to my child. She infused positivity and energy in him. We were in a total chaos and anxiety, when we visited her. But she provided us with guidance and unconditional support. She saw in our son, what we couldn't see as parents. I am completely indebted to her for guiding my son with complete dedication, focus and love.

Pragyaat Kaura

Birla Vidya Niketan, Delhi
CAAS Student at University Connection, 2015-16

Accepted at University of Southern California, UC San Diego, Purdue University, UC Santa Barbara and more.

Thank you so much for your constant support and guidance.

Manipushpak Gupta

IB Student at Pathways World School
CAAS Student at University Connection, 2015-16

Accepted at Syracuse University, NY and was granted the Dean’s Scholarship worth $30,000.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with UC for our son’s admission process. We truly appreciate the recommendations, counseling, hand holding and follow ups from the entire team and would highly recommend them to family and friends.

Tejas Kutnikar

Student at Mother Teresa PU College, Mysore
CAAS Student at University Connection, 2015-16

Accepted for LL.M in Intellectual Property at University of San Francisco, George Washington and Fordham University (USA). He was granted a $10,000 merit scholarship at Fordham Law School.

Govind Chaturvedi

Guru Gobind Singh
CAAS Student at University Connection, 2015-16

I had a great experience sitting with the counselor who not only guided us but made us feel very comfortable and open . Loved the way she explained and the warmth.

Kamya Jaitly

Class XI- Step by Step School, Noida
Education Counseling

Had a nice session with Charu ma’am. A new comprehensive conversation that helped me open up to new ideas and aware of the various fields available.

Esha Bafna

Class XII- DPS International School, New Delhi
Counselling Session at University Connection

My son in Class XII was under a lot of pressure between exam preparation and filling all the tedious Indian application forms with sporadic deadlines! As both me and my husband have full time jobs, we wanted someone who could guide and help us at every step. Our meeting with the key mentor, Charushilla Narula put our worries to an end. While my son appeared for his board examinations, the team at University Connection took charge of the application admission process. They helped Shivin apply to the best colleges in the country. I would recommend every parent to connect with University Connection as they can really help your children make informed career decisions and help them build their own success story.

Mrs. Molina Kapoor (mother of Shivin Kapoor )

CAAS Student at University Connection, 2015-16

I was able to clarify all key problems that were persistently affecting me and my career. Got really good advice for my career. I am so happy that I took time off for career counseling at University Connection.

Archana Sarowa

She possesses a strong sense of commitment with student she supports. She is really experienced in what she does and is super fast in resolving doubts, understanding students psyche and helping overcoming their mental block. She can see potential in each student knowing exactly how to approach them.

Satyam Mukherjee (Parent)

Delhi Public School R.K.Puram
Counselling Session at University Connection

Accepted at London Business School

Thank you very much for all your time and input because this wouldn’t have been possible without you. I can’t tell you how useful I found our discussion – it saved me several times during the interview!

Prerna Gupta

Stella Maris College, Chennai
Interview Counseling Service at University Connection (2014)

Applied at the Wright State University, Ohio, USA

Warmth of your smile motivates, raises the strength lying within. Dear Mam, Thanks for all the precious time you devote to each and every individual student. It’s totally commendable. You are a real mentor.

Prikanksha Malik

BHMS student at Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College, University of Delhi
Career Counselling Session at University Connection

Accepted for BSc. Business Management at Durham University Kings College London University of Manchester University of Nottingham University of Essex

"UC was chosen after a lot of deliberation amongst many available choices for its uniqueness of individualized program. The overall experience for us parents & the student was smooth, any ups & downs , even personal were handled with utmost sensitivity by the UC team. Guidance at every step was extremely helpful in days of doubt. Natasha was awaiting her admission and not a day went without the UC team towards motivating her to accept herself & challenge herself simultaneously. I have recommended UC to many parents and each one reverts with happiness. We are indebted to the UC team for showing Natasha the way forward by opening multiple choices".

Natasha Arora

The Shri Ram School, Moulsari, Gurgaon
CAAS Service at University Connection 2014-15

Accepted for Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Hong Kong University (HKU)

"Under the resourceful guidance I received at University Connection, I could head one step closer to my aspired goals. It is essential to have a sound support system and a guiding force for these crucial foundation years. I feel privileged to have found both a mentor and a friend in Charushilla Ma’am."

Mohak Anand

Amity International School, New Delhi
CAAS Service at University Connection 2014-15

Accepted for Bachelor of Architecture at University of Manchester Glasgow School of Arts – Macintosh School of Architecture University of Nottingham Kent University

Labhya Gupta

DPS R.K Puram
CAAS Service at University Connection 2014-15

Accepted for Journalism and Communication at Boston University, Purdue University, DePaul University

My insights as part of, and under University Connection has been tremendous. It has not only helped me get into the college of my choice, but also to grow as a writer, a person and an educator. I could not overstate how grateful I am, first to Charu ma’am and then, to University Connection.

Piyush Juneja

GyanBharti School, New Delhi
CAAS Service at University Connection 2014-15

Accepted at Kings College (BSc Biochemistry), St. George’s – Northumbria University (Doctor of Medicine)

The whole application process that was a nightmare for me before was carried out so smoothly that I wonder how I was able to do everything so well and on time! With my mentor’s efforts to make me self-reflect, I was able to turn around a beautiful essay. I could not have done anything without her guidance, insight and patience.

Tanya Shankar

The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon
CAAS Service at University Connection 2014-15

Accepted at Penn State University, Durham University, Birmingham University

A common misconception is that we think we can do it all by ourselves, but honestly, without Charushilla Ma’am’s help I would’ve never received offers from Penn State University, Birmingham and Durham University (ranked as the 3rd best university for my course (BSc Geography) – QS Rankings). The level of professionalism offered by University Connection is exceptional. You are guided through each and every step of the application process with each and every of detail explained thoroughly.

Sehan Shetty

A-Levels at DPS International School
College Essay Service at University Connection 2014-15

Accepted at Parsons, NY (MSc Strategic Design and Management), Domus Academy, Italy (MDes. Interaction Design)

Working towards applying for a Masters program is extremely intensive and very challenging and I was happy to have Charushilla Ma’am on my team. The undivided attention and support was much appreciated and helped me achieve a place at premier design schools. It was exciting working on creating personal statements for individual applications. I was pushed to overcome my own limits and explore newer ways of expression. I will always be grateful to Ma’am who was more like a mother to me helping me take the right steps all through the process.

Pankhuri Kanwar

B.Des. from NIFT Bangalore
College Essay Impact Service at University Connection 2014-15

Accepted at Georgia Tech, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara

I was initially quite against professional help for my personal essays, but upon working with the University Connection key mentor, I have realized that it is a very open and helpful process. It gave me the focus and one on one time I needed to complete my college essays and not panic about them even in the last minute. Without losing the authenticity of my work I, I was able to receive the guidance I needed to write my college essays and this program has helped me not only in completing my applications but also in doing them well.

Tanya Lohia

Woodstock School, Musoorie
College Essay Service at University Connection 2013-14

It was an amazing experience while meeting with you. It was very important and necessary to know about the future options I have. It was enriching and I hope you would always mentor and guide me.

Yuvraj Gupta

University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun
Counselling Session at University Connection

Accepted at University of Manchester, University of Nottingham and University of Essex

I have offers from University of Manchester, University of Nottingham and University of Essex for B.Sc. Psychology (Hons.) As I prepare for my board exams, getting these offers is motivating me to study harder!”

Shreya Behal

Class XII, Step by Step School, Noida
CAAS service at University Connection 2013-14