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Studying in Abroad vs Studying in India Session

by May 01,2019 Comments : 0

When parents open their basement for an educative session with UC, we know we are on the right track. Ms. Payal Goel, a mom-preneur, came to UC for the counseling of her son. She met Ms. Charushila and Ms. Sonal Agarwal, key mentors at UC, and immediately fell in love with our process of guidance and mentorship. She decided to organize a group of 55+ parents and students in her basement over coffee and chit-chat about the most fundamental of reasons concerning Studying in Abroad vs Studying in India. In their (parents) own words, the session was, “amazing and informative”, “very helpful”, “eye-opening, enjoyable and worth every minute”, and “very impressive and learning”. It does feel worth every ounce of hard work when parents feel “amazed and honoured”. The efforts of Ms. Payal Goel exposed the horizons of both parents and the students to new insights and information about studying in Abroad vs studying in India. We feel grateful for this contagious vigor of the parents that help spread not only awareness and kindness, but also provides a platform to the society at large!

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