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The Creative Side Of My Brain

by Mar 26,2020 Comments : 0

It started when I went to my friend’s place to attend a party. From the entrance to the basement of the house (Party-venue), I was in awe. It felt like I had entered a different world altogether! I was amazed by seeing the creative side of my friend. While stepping down the stairs leading to the basement, I reminisced how my friend has always been proactive, giving useful tips on Interior Designing as well as tips to create sufficient space in our small Amirah to accommodate all our things at one place. I was convinced she is the one to design this basement. Ah! One can very well imagine how Designing your basement can be an intimidating task as well as a fun adventure. But my friend was successfully able to convert this usually-dark place to a beautiful haven you would want to spend your time in. I wanted to work on my creative side, to remodel the unused spaces in my house and to cherish every bit of my space. This prompted me to call my friend the very next day to know how she managed to convert her basement into such an attractive place. I was amazed at her revelation. As she explained it was not an overnight game but is an art to be skillfully implemented. Something she learned through the International School of Design, South Delhi (INSD). Surfing through their website I was intrigued to find out multiple short terms and full-term courses in Interior Designing. I joined an Interior Design course at INSD and gained new perspectives and inexhaustible ideas to transform a mere basement to anything you want. Here I am, converting my basement into a gym, a place I would love to spend time. Thanks, INSD South Delhi - my creative skills have an expression now. You have helped me to convert a dump room to my personal retreat. Check out the International School of Design South Delhi for a number of creative degrees and certificates.

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