New SAT and its challenges

by Feb 15,2016 Comments : 0

The new SAT essay makes the much-anticipated shift from a focus on rote-memorization and on-the-spot recollection to other, more essential skills like text comprehension and analysis. While on the bright side, students now get 50 minutes to write their essays, the task ahead of them is a little more demanding and not necessarily easier – students, instead of having to justify their opinions with deployment of appropriate worldly examples, are now required to critically analyse an extended passage. From a more argumentative format, the new SAT essay realigns itself to be more about how you, the test-takers, analyse an argument made by someone else. Moreover, understand that this section of the SAT is optional and is scored separately. We, at SAT Varsity, however, are fully on board with the idea that ALL students who want to build a competitive college application should take it. For any more information about the new SAT Essay or any other sections of the test, contact us at SAT Varsity. Stay tuned for more on how to beat the new SAT essay!

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