Tips and Tricks for taking New SAT

by Jan 21,2016 Comments : 0

The changes made to the new SAT are, beyond the shadow of a doubt, of a drastic nature. This has naturally influenced the techniques test-takers have to adapt in order to successfully study for and master the vocabulary section on this radically different test, read below to find out tips and tricks for taking New SAT. In terms of the vocabulary, suddenly the contextual understanding of questions has emerged from the background while it seems that the mechanical, rote memorization of obsolete and complex words from past SAT's just won’t be feasible anymore. Just as important as it is to develop extensive reading and comprehensive skills, it is critical also to dig deep and cultivate a knowledge of the red-flag words with both their secondary and tertiary meanings alongside the primary denotations. If you think about it, the most effective way to achieve either one of these is by increasing the number of hours you commit to reading in a week. Reading will not only enrich, empower and enlighten you, but it will also now be your saving grace in the newly redesigned SAT that starts in the coming summer.

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