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Tips for Ivy League Admission

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Ivy League admissions are dodgy, as one has no guarantees to be admitted, even when one meets the highest benchmarks for acceptance. One of the most highly reputed Ivy League universities in the US, Stanford, has a remarkably low acceptance rate of around 5.1 per cent, which can create a lot of anxiety in the most prepared candidates.

So, with that in mind, here’s how you can boost your odds of admission with a highly competitive applicant pool:

Start Preparing As Early As Possible

Colleges look for consistency in their prospective students’ high-school profiles. They want to know whether their students are pushing their boundaries continually, and are constantly involved in activities appropriate for their interests.

Sustained extracurricular activity throughout the four years of high-school is paramount to prove to your college that you are deeply committed to your interest. Which, in all fairness, is also why you should get involved in things that engage you on a personal level instead of activities that you think will look good on your college application.

2. Take Challenging Courses With Each Advancing Year

This is especially helpful in proving to your desired college that you have what it takes to work under the pressure of a heavy college load. Undoubtedly, stellar high school transcripts are key to Ivy League admission because your proficiency with challenges indicates your ability. So work hard to get the best possible grades in the most challenging courses you can find at your school, especially courses like Advanced Math, English, and Science.

3. Essays Matter

The school-specific supplemental essays are crucial as these are meant to be direct insights into your personality. It is essential that these essays are written with great effort and attention, over a course of time that is long enough to iron out errors. You’ll be surprised by how much time revisions can take!

You must do everything to ensure that your essay is well-written, concise, compelling and most importantly, natural.

4. Demonstrated Interest Matters

Did you know that early admission rates at Ivy League schools are much higher than they are at regular schools? Without a doubt, students interested in an Ivy League education are committed to getting in as early as possible.

Early admissions require that you keep a constant link maintained with your school of interest through regular visits, contact with the admissions office, taking a proactive interest in scheduling your interviews and submitting your application well ahead of the deadline.

From a distance, getting into an Ivy League school can feel daunting and unattainable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Believe it or not, the right planning and organisation go a long way in reducing the anxiety associated with getting the college acceptance you've always dreamed about.

As college mentors, we’ve stayed with several students through their college application process and we’ve witnessed just as many happy beginnings! If you’ve got a story or personal experience you’d like to talk about, we invite you to share it in the comments below.

Good luck with application!

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