Why Take the SAT?

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Anybody who has slightly touched upon studying abroad is most likely to be familiar with the SAT. Initiation of a US-based organization, the CollegeBoard, this test is not only the most widely accepted standard for colleges within the United States, but is also hugely significant in the eyes of universities all around the globe. Twenty million students take the SAT annually and so, naturally, the reasons to take this test are impossible to miss.

  What are YOU made of? The SAT is a great way of showing your dream college your ability to apply theoretical knowledge you have garnered throughout your high school life in real-time situations. In other words, your academic readiness to go to college. It’s also a brilliant tool for the colleges to get an in-depth understanding of your personality and skill sets; it enables them to help you choose your subjects wisely without compromising YOUR passions. And remarkably enough, the SAT does all that without taking away from its straightforward nature.   Equal footing = equal opportunity. The most appealing feature of the SAT is by far its well-roundedness. The test is not area-specific and integrates questions from different study areas in a much-appreciated end result - a generic, well-balanced and fair test. Transcending comfort zones since 1926. Ever since its inception in 1926, the SAT has encouraged students worldwide to go beyond their comfort zones, and learn and pick up essential skill sets that are both vital and conducive to intellectual growth. To crack the SAT, it is imperative to follow a multidimensional, comprehensive study regimen which prompts test-takers to cultivate new skills. It is also a direct insight into a student’s academic strengths and weakness, for both the college and the student. In fact, an SAT score higher than your college pick’s benchmark is the best reflection of your worthiness of a scholarship there is.   Ivy League or no Ivy League? Just like the SAT helps colleges determine your eligibility as per their minimum score benchmarks for the test, it speaks volumes of the college YOU eventually decide to go to. Needless to say, the SAT is a big factor in the acceptance/rejection of your college application. It’s all just a matter of using the resources lying at your disposal to understand which college sings with YOU!

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